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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Kawaii Things

Since I've always wanted to review for Little Kawaii Things, I've decided to kickstart my blog with a LKT review :) Little Kawaii Things is an online shop owned by Tiffany, who sells the cutest handmade jewelry and accessories. It's a cute site and the navigation may be a little confusing at first - but once you get it, it's a really simply site to navigate. When I saw the A Night In Paris necklace, I fell in love with it. It was $10.00 and beautifully made. It's quite sturdy, since I've wore it a lot and nothing has broken.

I recently realized she sells handmade Swarvosky crystal necklaces, too! For the best price I've seen so far. They range from $15.00-$25.00 (I think) and that is extremely cheap compared to some other sites I've seen ($30.00-$60.00). I'm totally eyeing the Strawberry Diamonds ($12.00) and Sapphire and Diamonds ($25.00 for sterling silver heart chain / $18.00 for regular chain) Swarvosky crystal necklaces! They're so adorable and gorgeous :)

I ♥ Little Kawaii Things and browse it almost every day. Tiffany is the sweetest girl ever... and very talented! The transaction was smooth and quick; she's also fast at replying emails and questions, if you have any. So, here's the link once again in case you don't want to scroll back up :)


  1. Oh the Paris necklace (and the other two... and SO MANY ON THE SITE O: ) are super super pretty! Thanks so much for introducing me to such a cute site<3 I wish I could buy someeee, I love supporting people who handmake stuff ;_;

  2. OMGGGG I want that Paris Necklaceeeee!! It's really cute can't wait to read more of your blog.. It's sucha cute place.. Your bannner especiallyy!!! I'm Cindy! Droppp by my place anytime <3


  3. Hi Cara! ;D This is Tiffany from UCLA~ :) Found your blog somewheree, I don't remember where~ Cute blog! <3 And the jewelry looks gorgeous, I'll def. check it out since I've been wanting some Swarovski pieces!

    (btw, the tofebruary site is super cute, I forgot to mention! :D)

  4. Hi Cara thanks for sharing the link, I just placed and order for those two Swarvoski necklaces you have showing on your blog ^^ It's so pretty!