To February

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What keeps me going

Happy February!<3 It's ToFebruary's month :) I dedicate this post to my supportive customers and I want to thank all of you guys for your support and appreciation. It truly means a lot :) My letterbox has been getting full and since my mind began to wander from work yesterday, I decided to dig through my letters to re-read all of your irreplaceable thank you notes<3 As a result, I decided to decorate my bare walls :)

I just want to let you guys know how much I love you guys :) I noticed a lot of my concealed cash customers send in thank you notes and really, adorable drawings, and/or really sweet letters. Even though I do not write a letter back due to lack of time, I want you guys to know that I read every single one of them (multiple times) and I am so grateful for your appreciation and support. It really keeps me going. Since my bedroom walls are quite empty, I decided to decorate it with your letters :) Not all are up yet, but I'm working on it ^^ I just love looking up to see your appreciation. Thank you, thank you all for such motivation. XOXO to you all :)


  1. I love receiving letters too! :) It's always so fun, haha. We should be penpals! :P

    i used to write letters and exchange with friends all the time, but wtf :( no one likes WRITING letters anymore, lol.

  2. you should PUT MY ENVELOPE up . just kidding

  3. Aww what sweet customers♥ That's such a happy wall with so many colours n___n! Even though services like Paypal make payments so much faster and (sometimes) easier, it's also kinda saddening you aren't able to write letters or include little gifts like you can with concealed cash :/

  4. Hi Cara!
    I'm a new follower of your blog :)

    aww you're so cute ^_^ that's great that you keep those! i'm the same too! letters and pictures have a lot of sentimental value to me.

    btw, feel free to check out my blog too >>

    ps. i entered your TF contest, i'm the one who emailed a super duper long essay-like entry haha sorry about that haha


  5. Hey Cara!!!
    Thanks for following my blog btw :) & for the lovely compliments. Oh! *hi5* I'm so hooked on that bedrock song haha! ^__^

    anyways, as a side note.. I nominated you for a Blog Award. Check it out here >>

    xoxo Nikki

  6. Aww thats so sweet! Your a very lucky girl to recieve so many letters! I love writing letters because they are so personal, i have a pen pal and she always brings a smile to my face! ^_^ Nothing is better than a letter because they are so personal and meaningful! n_n

  7. hey, have a blog...I'm following it now...I haven't posted my haul from you yet...but I will soon....loving it...xoxo

  8. Hi Cara!

    This is Jocelyn (aka hellojocelyn on youtube).
    Did you receive my e-mail about me changing my contest video response to private?

    Again, I'm so sorry if I've caused any trouble at all!

  9. I SEE MY CARD I SENT YOU ON THE WALL!! HEEHEHE, yay!! <33 i'm glad you like it and THANK you. =)

  10. I wish I knew about your blog/shop a long time ago! Grrrr, most of the cutest dresses are sold out. >___< I'll keep looking around though until I find something. :] Thanks for having such a nice shop! Easy to navigate also.

    katie Ngo

  11. aww love the photo! this was such a sweet post, congrats on your shop's success!! :) xx

  12. Just recently found out about ToFebruary and I'm now saving money for some stuff I like! :)